Mustang History

(This section is still under construction.)

(Note: NZ Mustang Club histories are located under the various clubs)

1. New Zealand's Racing Mustangs

A roundup of some of New Zealand's best known and most successful racing Mustangs. 

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2. Mustang Model History. 

1966Mustangfiberfab2.jpg (24506 bytes)New to Mustangs? Here is a model by model summary of the development of the Mustang and some of its more unusual derivatives over the years, 
(such as this one). 

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3. Mustang Engines. 

70enginebay.jpg (82465 bytes)A round up of all the six cylinder and V8 engines used in Mustangs over the years. A summary of the model years each engine was available in, HP variants, origin, problems and weak spots etc.

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4. Mustangs in the Media. 

Some media / magazine articles and comment on Mustangs, 
Mustang owners and the times they influenced.

The 1st Mustang: Recently restored and driven again