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Finding and Shipping Agents

Needing to purchase and/or ship a car from the US to NZ ? Have a bunch of heavy and /or bulky parts to move and don't want to have them air freighted? Or want some parts in hurry and need a good air freight deal?
The following companies are those with which I have had some dealings. They are split into

1. NZ based shipping agents
2. US Based Finding/Shipping agents
3. US Transport Companies

(More nominations welcome).

Note: The LTSA website contains good information on NZ requirements for importing a car.

1. New Zealand Shipping Agents

CFR Line

Location: Auckland.

CFR LIne operate a fully MAF & Customs secure site in Onehunga and handle all unpacking and clearances in house.  CFR Line work with their worldwide network of agents to ship cars, Motorcycles, RVs, Caravans and just about anything else, to and from NZ.  They can arrange pick up and inspection in the USA and delivery to compliance or the customers door here in NZ.  Over the last 20+ years the team now at CFR Line have moved thousands of vehicles in and out of NZ.  Give us a call we are happy to help"

Paul Stichbury
Car & RV Specialist
CFR Line/3PL Depot
270 Neilson Street
Auckland  1061
Phone: 09 475 5185
Fax: 09 475 5186

Famous Pacific Shipping

Location: Auckland.

Famous Pacific Shipping have been around since about 1997 and are 100% NZ owned.  www.famous.co.nz

We import and export. We can also source vehicles in USA, arrange inspections and our agent in L.A can provide an Escrow service where your funds are put into their trust account and a cashiers check handed over to the seller when we pick up the vehicle and title. 

Famous Pacific Shipping
5-7 Amelia Earhart Ave
Airport Oaks
Phone: 09 275 6878
Fax: 09 275 2288



Gateway Cargo Systems (S.I) Ltd

Location: Christchurch

"We specialise in Import Air + Sea-Freight. In fact our largest market is the good ol' U.S of A. Whether it's a gasket from Georgia or a car from California we can handle it."

35 Sheffield Cres
Phone; (03) 3587-580


Taurus Logistics

Location: Head Office in Christchurch, with a second Taurus Office in Melbourne

Taurus Logistics is a family owned business with its roots dating back to the early 1980's.

Our team is made up of professionals with years of experience in the shipping industry with many shipments under their belt.

We have a real passion for what we do and a drive to solve any problem you might have, we go the distance to get the job done.

Because we are a family owned business we can be flexible and offer many services outside traditional freight forwarding. Services like fixing an oil leak on your Mustang so it doesn't miss the next sailing. Or taking photos of your Mustang loading if you can't be there in person to give you piece of mind.

We make shipping easy, hassle free, and with upfront quotations.

Give us a call today to get your wheels in motion

Troy Budge
Taurus Logistics New Zealand
Unit 4, 245 St Asaph St
Christchurch 8011
Phone: 03 358 5154
Skype ID: taurussales
Web: www.tauruslogistics.co.nz
Email: troy@tauruslogistics.co.nz


Jas Jenners

Location: Auckland. 

This NZ company can arrange a complete import service for cars into NZ as well as back out to the US or elsewhere. 

Tracey Brierley
Forwarding Manager.
Jenner Cargo International Ltd
DDI: +649 254 4813
Mobile: +64 21 607 656
Fax: +649 254 4819
Email: tracey@jennercargo.co.nz
Web: www.jennercargo.co.nz

used Jas Jenners to assist me with exporting my Mustang from Wellington to Sydney, and they went out of his way to deliver a container to my door and take it away when I had finished loading up the car and parts into the container. A very easy and straightforward process. Wal Oct 2006)



Location: Auckland.

General Manager Joe Steel comments: "Our company specializes in shipping vehicles all over the world. We ship a large amount of American vehicles to NZ. We do all sorts of special jobs for example we are currently sourcing and arranging shipping for 4 new GT500 Shelby Mustangs, and are arranging the super snake kits in Las Vegas for the client. We bring in American vehicles for movie sets. This is the sort of thing we are able to do. We can pickup any where in the USA and ship to NZ. Like you I have a passion for these vehicles so please call me if you need any assistance" .

Check out their web site at  www.mmnz.biz for more information.   

McCullough Ltd, 8 Farnham Street, Parnell, Auckland
Postal Address: PO Box 37-104, Parnell, Auckland.
Phone: (64 9) 303 0075, Fax: (64 9) 303 0072 ,
Email (Joe Steel)  – joe@mmnz.biz


2. USA Based Finding/Shipping Agents

Kiwi Shipping   

Location: Los Angeles. 

Comments: Kiwi shipping is managed by Steve Curle,  a New Zealander living in Los Angeles.  Steve has considerable experience with sourcing, purchasing and moving cars around in the USA, and arranging the shipping of any cars purchased back to NZ at very competitive rates. He can also source a wide range of other parts, and ship them back to NZ as cheaply as anyone. 

Contacts for Kiwi Shipping (all ex NZers) are: Ph +1 (310) 900 1974
Steve Curle 
       ext 316    email: steve@kiwishipping.co.nz
Matt Cable       ext 284    email Matt@KiwiShipping.co.nz
Annie Stewart  ext 204    email annie@kiwishipping.co.nz
Craig Robb       ext 291    email craig@kiwisipping.co.nz

Postal enquires should be addressed to:  1400 Glenn Curtiss Street, Carson, CA 90746, USA

Kiwi Shipping has an excellent website with quality information about the issues with finding, inspecting and importing a vehicle from USA.  http://www.kiwishipping.co.nz Well worth a look.

Kiwi Shipping  are also part of the Mainfreight group and share the above address with them. Mainfreight LAX operations and Kiwi Shipping are operated together. Consequently they are able to offer start to finish shipping, no other third party loading, unloading facility involved Mainfreight / Kiwi beginning to end.

"Steve came highly recommended by several of my friends, and my personal experiences of his help in shipping my Boss 429 to NZ in 2003 were excellent. Wal Marshall"

"Imported a 64 coupe ex Los Angeles in December 05 thru Steve Curle. Excellent communicator and good straight guy to deal with. Had the added bonus to meet Steve in Wellington as my car was being unloaded. Car was delivered in good condition at a very good price.US$1600.Highly recommend you use this importer if you are thinking of importing a classic. He handles inspections packing and delivery to NZ and only cost me $US300 for all this service....helluva deal. Perry Cole"


Foytt Shipping   

Location:  15530 Texaco Ave, Paramount, Ca 90723

Comments:   Foytt Shipping and Auto is run by a Kiwi based in California, and  offer a complete service to locate the Mustang model you are looking for, or arrange a complete transport service of the car you have purchased, back your home destination in New Zealand Australia or anywhere in the world. They have been particularly successful in sourcing late model Shelby GT500 models, either new with the options you require, or near new. Check out their website for a full rundown of their services, then contact Pete.

Foytt shipping
2637 El Presidio Str
Ca 90810

Office +1 310 605 0650

Peter Tate Cell +1 310 683 9141

Classic Mustang   

Location: Texas, Nevada. 

Comments:  We are a licensed, bonded, and insured Texas car dealer with a secondary location in Las Vegas, Nevada.   We have focused our efforts on locating, inspecting, appraising, and shipping '65-'73 Mustangs, Shelbys, and Cobras around the world, including New Zealand.  If you wish to import a classic Mustang from the US, please contact us.  A list of references is available on request.

Mark Logan, President, ClassicMustang.com
401 N. Carroll Ave. #149, Southlake, Texas 76092 USA
Phone: +1 702-785-0090, ext. 1
e-mail: Mark@ClassicMustang.com    URL:  http://www.classicmustang.com/locating_service.htm

We are also selling brand new, 1965 authentic Shelby Cobras.  Click here for info: http://www.shelby-cars.com/cobra.htm

(Note: Their Mustang purchase unseen horror story makes sobering reading!)

Shermatt International   

Location:  Head office Florida, Ph.727 364 8707 Ph +1727 364 8707 , but offices also in Australia and Japan.  http://www.shermatt.com

Comments:  From their website: "With over 10 years experience in import and export worldwide our services are second to none. We are here to eliminate all the middle men involved in trying to source the vehicle of your dreams and WE get it for the right price.  Anything from an antique to a classic…. WE WILL FIND IT Ferrari, Camaro, Mustang, MG, Pontiac, Dodge and Chevy. We act as agents/brokers for YOU. We source the cheapest quality cars that are advertised and emailed to us from all over the United States and Japan and email them direct to YOU through our weekly MAILING LIST. These cars are generally private sales that we forward to you and the prices are negotiable."

This company does a lot of its business into Australia, (managed by Aussies ( Sheri and Matt ) so finding and shipping into NZ should not be any problem.

Note: Client Feedback on their website is positive, however if you have personally used their service please let me know what your experience was. Thanks , Wal


Schumacher Cargo Logistics

Location:  550 West 135th Street, Gardena, California. Tel: 562 370 8257 (Joey).

Comments:  From their Website: "We move over 10,000 vehicles per year from the USA to all worldwide destinations". "Whether you have a Mustang, Pontiac Firebird, a 1941 Ford Coupe or the latest Ferrari, we love cars at Schumacher Cargo! Classic cars, racing cars, family cars, salvage cars…they all have a history and if they need to relocate to another part of the world we will provide the care and attention needed to make sure your vehicle of choice will arrive safely.   http://www.schumachercargo.com/ .

1. Recommended by Matt Clarke, from Shermatt International.