Mustang Technical Data

 In this section is a broad range of useful technical bits and pieces that might be of interest to Mustang owners .
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very welcome, and sources will be acknowledged.



1.  Auckland Mustang Owners Club have prepared a detailing guide to prepare your car for show download AMOC DETAILING GUIDE here (64MB)

2.  For a printable list of all the technical articles from Mustang Monthly Magazine,
click here

3. For some readable on-line Technical articles from Mustang Monthly click here  

4. For a good site with explanatory material about ignitions, exhausts etc etc go to Century Performance here 

5. VIN Codes: Click here for a list of vin codes and what they mean for 65-69 models.

6. Go here for a general list of calculators and decoders, for gear ratios, RPM, HP estimates etc etc.  



1. How to detail the engine bay on your Mustang.

2. How to adjust the Hydraulic Tappets on your Ford V8. 

3. A listing of all 65 -69 Mustang engines with torques, power outputs, and engine codes.

4. Oil Filters: They are NOT all born the same. Before you buy another one read these sites: (and you will never buy a Fram filter again!)

5. How to Troubleshoot your Holley Carb

6. Big Power Dragster Motors: Some interesting information. (NOT Mustang related but Cool!)

7. Cooling Systems. This excellent article is focused on Fairlanes, but Mustangs are 99% the same.

8. Engine Weights : Lots of opinions! Go here. 



1. Check out this US site: A huge info source and with very competitively priced overhaul kits for all mustang manual and auto transmissions, plus diffs.

2. Recognition data for the various  Ford manual and auto transmissions: The Kelly Family site.  

3. Speedos!! How to get your speedo reading correctly after you change your diff ratio or wheels/Tyres.

4. Gearbox diff ratios and wheel sizes: Enter your data and find out engine RPM for any combination. Very Useful!!



1. Data on Ford 9 inch Diffs. Housing widths, types of housings, how to recognise, types of 9 inch axles.

2. For general info and overhaul kits see 

3. Rebuilds of 9 inch diffs: The Kelly Family site, and the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Site.  



1. Conversion of a 64-73 Mustang to Powered Rack and Pinion Steering.  

2. Plus see the new into old page here

3. Steering Systems. How the classic mustang steering boxes and control valves work and how to rebuild them.  What to do and not to do. Heaps of excellent quality information. (NEW!!)



1.Lowering the mounting point of the top suspension arms on your 64-70 Mustang, can improve the handling noticeably. Its easy and its free! Click here for more details.

2. Chassis Alignment drawings. Just the thing to see if your car is straight and square after an accident.

3.Get rid of those squeaky factory spring perches with rubber centres, and install spring perches with smooth roller bearing centres. This Ford article details how to make them.



1. A complete front disc brake conversion kit can be sourced from many locations. Classic Services Restoration Parts do a well priced and comprehensive kit. Their website FAQ has a full installation guide.



1.What wheels and tyres can you fit on your classic Mustang? Click here for a guide.



1.Exterior Body Colours 65-62. Click here for names and colour samples  

2. 1969 Mach 1 and Boss hood trim detail, here

3 1970 Boss 302 hood Paint stripping detail, here

4. Fix those sloppy door hinges (68 - 73) with a rebuild kit. Here  

5. Install new inertia reel seat belts in a 66/67 coupe. Here (NEW!)



1.  This site has a set of wiring diagrams for 1964-73 Mustangs.. Click here

2. Early 64-73 Ford Instruments, clocks and tachs... This site has it all

3. Upgrade your early Mustang headlights with a relay to feed more powerful modern halogen lights and stop the headlight switch from dying and plunging you into darkness!!
   Go here  for a good overview of how to fit relays , or its now possible to buy a wiring conversion loom from most Mustang parts suppliers, eg
   In NZ the loom can also be purchased from Pan Pacific Auto Electrical It takes only about 30 mins to fit.

4. A VERY useful site with info on Ford Alternators showing the difference through the various generations.
    Understand how to upgrade to a Gen 3 alternator easily! Here.
PA Performance sells a wiring loom conversion Kit (
3G Upgrade Kit (Retains Stock Wiring) #462802C) here

5. Dashboard instrument lighting Upgrades.. go here

6. Battery Voltages? What are healthy and unhealthy voltage for batteries under charge and static ? Here