Links to Other Mustang Internet Sites

There are (literally!) 1000's of Mustang related sites on the internet, and many a cold or wet evening has been spent looking through them for interesting information. The bad news is many are not worth visiting, but the good news is that there is a wealth of very useful data on the net. If you dig long enough you will usually find the answer to practically any question, or at the very least some good pointers on where to ask!

The following is a selection of the more prominent and useful sites to get you started. If you find a site that is particularly interesting or useful please advise so it can be added to the list. (Also please advise any dead links!)

(For links to Mustang Parts suppliers in NZ and Internationally click here)

1. Mustang History

Official Ford Site, with 55 years of Ford History
Brad Bowling. Good site for Saleen and other miscellaneous Mustang history.
Superb Historic Trans Am website.
The LelandWest Mustang page has a good overview of the Mustang development history, plus other useful links (New!)


2. General Information

Marti Auto Works :  Ford production histories from Genuine Ford documentation.
All-Ford-Mustangs: A broad portal type site dedicated to Mustangs only, with lots of data and plenty of links.
Stangnet: General Mustang news and info site, plus a live listing of the 50 most popular mustang sites.
 A great site for owners of later model Mustangs: Mustang World, (and some tasty Mustang pin up girls...!) 

Classic Mustang email discussion group: Access page to join up. (500 ish members, very useful)
MustangForums.com  A huge site with forums on all mustang models and subjects.
The Mustang club of America (MCA) official site.
Official Shelby American Automobile Club site
This is the Northern California Shelby club site, links page .
It is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in Shelby history or in any form of classic motor racing in the USA
  Another 70 Mach 1 registry and good source of general information on this model.
FourEyedPride is currently the only website dedicated to the 79-86 era Ford Mustang.


3. Technical Data

 The NZMustang.com Technical section contains heaps of useful data, including (New)
a very popular page on modern conversions for older classic Mustangs (new into old).
Mustang Monthly Magazine, has an archive of very useful technical articles.  

This US site is HUGE for transmissions (Not just Ford).  http://www.drivetrain.com. A great info source and with very competitively priced overhaul kits for all mustang manual and auto transmissions, plus diffs.
 A site with a heap of good general info on tyres 
 69/70 Boss 302 or 429 owner? You need to check out the 302 Boss Registry site. Technical data, FAQ's, discussion groups, For sale, photos ..you name it! 
Great Site for owners of 66 Models:  Dave's 66 Tech Site. 
Be sure to check out the list of  factory accessories on this site

Advice on painting your Mustang.
Authentic paints for classic Mustangs, including colour samples, data and much more.

How to care for the exterior and interior of your car, and what to buy: Good quality advice 
General Vintage mustang site including VIN and Warranty tag decoders, production data, Body Buck tag decoder list etc.
Source of data on Ford steering boxes incl tag codes casting numbers, wiring diagrams,  FAQ's etc

Total Control Products: High performance handing and steering equipment to make your classic mustang feel  like a modern car.
Holly carburettor site: Excellent data source including FAQ, recommended jet listings etc. 
Century Performance: Excellent general technical site with good "how things on your car work", "how to maintain them" and good FAQs.  
  Bob White Decals and Stang-Graphics   : Two sites offering excellent quality decals for late model Mustangs.


4. Mustang Magazine and Newsletter Sites

   www.mustangweekly.com Good on-line magazine with some good general and technical articles from time to time.
Mustang Monthly Magazine. lots of good stuff!

For searchable online database of technical articles from Mustang Monthly, Mustang and Fords, and Mustang Illustrated Magazines, click here 
  For a list of all the technical articles from Mustang Monthly Magazine,
click here
Mustang and Fords Magazine: Some good on-line tech articles.
Ford Muscle.com Internet magazine: Excellent technical how to article archive


5. Buying and Selling Mustangs (USA)

There are literally 1000's of sites selling mustangs. Here are just a few:
Try the giant US Ebaymotors auction site, and search by Ford, then Mustang.

  The Fossilcars web site, also has an extensive parts for sale listing.
Carsonline.com has lots of Mustangs
Calling all cars is worth a look with 1000's of cars listed.
Classic car studio usually has a dozen or more restored show classic Mustangs


6. New Zealand Sites

  Moonshine Rod and Custom Car Club Wellington
Central Muscle Cars. Central North Island Muscle car racing series.

Brett Shackletons site


7. Australian Sites

Mustang Owners Clubs of Australia : Contact details, and webs sites etc
Mustangs around Australia: Good general overview site for Australia.