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Mustangs by the Year

Quick Mustang Generation Overview

The first generation Mustang was introduced to the public in 1964 at the New York World Fair in 1964. The first generation Mustang launch was preceded by two concept cars. The First concept car derived its power from a V4 Engine and seated two. This machine was unveiled in 1962. The second concept car was launched in 1963, and it seated four passengers. The Mustang when introduced in 1964 shared a number of its characteristics with the Ford Falcon. The Mustang was launched as a coupe or as a convertible. It was 181.6 inches long. The Mustang derived its power from a wide choice of engines. The engines were a 2.8 OHV; a 3.3  OHV; a 4.3 OHV V8; a 4.7 V8; a four-barrel 289 engine and at the last a four-barrel 289. All the engines except the last were equipped with 3 manual gears, and the last was equipped with four manual gears. In 1965 Ford added the GT version to the Mustang Line up. The next year Ford added a few more color choices.

The second generation Mustang made its debut in 1967. The new Mustang was longer by 2 inches then its predecessor, the grille opening of the car was a bit bigger, it had better rear lights and the rear window had glass not plastic. The new Mustang was powered by a 200-cubic-inch six engine, though one had a choice of getting 200, 225 and 271horsepower K-code 289 V8s engines to power it.

The Third Generation Mustang made its debut in 1969, and it got four headlights, a better looking nose. The new vehicle had a number of engines from which it could derive its power from. The entry level engine was a 200 six, while one could get a Mustang with a 250 Six. Also available were a 5.8 V8. To compete on the racing tracks Mustang came up with the Boss version of cars in 1969.

In 1971, the Fourth Generation of the Mustang came into the market. The new car was powered by a range of engines starting with a 250 six, a 302, two 351s and two new engines that were titled Cobra jet and Super cobra Jet. In 1973, the only change in the Mustang was the Change in its engine power.

The fifth generation Ford Mustang came into the market in 1975. The new car was shorter in size and lighters then the earlier versions. The new vehicle derived its power from a four cylinder engine and was available as a hatchback or coupe. In 1975 a V8 engine was added to the line up of engines of the Mustang. Also a MPG coupe was added to the line up. In 1976 a new V8 engine became available.

In 1979 the sixth Generation Mustang hit the roads. It came in two versions, a coupe model or a fast back hatchback. The new vehicle had more room inside it for the passengers. The new Mustang derived its power from one of these three engines-a 2.3-liter SOHC engine, a 2.8-liter Cologne V6 and the 4.9-liter V8. In 1980, changes were made to the engines that were offered with the Mustang. Removed from the Line up were the 2.8-liter V6 and the 4.9-liter V8 engines and now available was the 3.3 V6. In 1981, the 4.9 V8 Engine became a 5.0 V8 engine and now The Mustang was available in L, GL and GLX versions.

The seventh Generation Ford Mustang was introduced in 1994. The car was available in a two door version of the coupe and a convertible. The car could derive its power from a 3.8 Essex V6 engine or a 5.0-V8 engine.

In 1999 the Eighth generation Mustang made its debut. Changes were made to the Mustangs 3.8 V6 engine and its 4.6 V8 engine.

In 2005 The Nineth generation and current mustang debuted.

For those of you new to Mustangs, listed below is a more detailed roundup 
of Mustang history by model year. (Still under Development)


Model Summary

# Built

Example Picture


64/65 First Mustangs sold April 64. Officially all 65 Models. Available as convertible, hardtop and fastback, with 171or 200 six, and 260 or 289 V8s, and a vast range of options incl the GT package. Gigantic sales success, with 680,000 cars sold, 101,000 of which were convertibles. First Shelby, the white GT350. 559,451

65-1.jpg (101061 bytes)

The 1st Mustang
1966 Similar to 65 model year but with numerous detail changes to grill, (cross bars dropped on most models), interior, 5 dial instruments, wheel covers, trim etc. 171 six dropped. The one millionth Mustang was sold. Shelby GT350 now available in colours other than white with other detail refinements. 1000 GT350H Shelby's sold to Hertz. 607,568

66-1.jpg (110727 bytes)

1967 Major engineering and styling refinements including a new grill, tail light treatment, redesigned fastback, and new instruments. Wider track, new 390 V8, and handling options. Shelby extensively restyled the nose, and now available with 428 V8 as GT500. 472,121 Coming
1968 Similar to 67 model year but with minor grill and trim modifications. Power disc brakes became optional, as was a 427 V8 initially. Mid year the 302 V8 replaced 289 , and the 428CJ engine introduced. Shelby has restyled nose, and a convertible model introduced. 317,404 Coming
1969 Complete restyle. Longer and wider body, new grill, and more steeply raked windscreen. Introduction of the 250 six, and 351 V8 and 428 SCJ engines. First Mach 1, Boss 302 and 429 models. Shelby's have completely restyled nose and taillights.  299,824 Coming
1970 Similar to 69 models but with new grill (from 4 headlights to 2) , deleted rear wheel air scoop, flat tail light panel, ignition switch moved to column. Last Shelby's were just runout 69's. 190,727 Coming
1971 Complete restyle. Wider longer and heavier body. Hidden wipers, bigger front and rear screen rack, restyled interior. Boss now 351. Chrome front bumpers. New 429 V8 inc 3 x CJ versions. No Shelby's. 149,678 Coming
1972 Similar to 71 Models. Boss version deleted, 429 big block deleted, pop open gas cap deleted on Mach 1. Sprint versions introduced. 125,093 Coming
1973 Last of the big body first generation Mustangs. Similar to 71/72 but new grill, colour keyed front bumper, new variable ratio power steering. 133,867 Coming
1974 First Mustang II. Totally new smaller car. No convertibles. 2.3 L 4 cyl and 2.8 L V6 engines. Rack and pinion steering, front subframe. Ghia and Mach 1 options.  385,993 Coming
1975 Same as 74, but 302 V8 now optional. 188,575 Coming
1976 Introduction of Cobra II, and Stallion dress up package. 187,567 Coming
1977 Same as 76, but with minor cosmetic styling changes. 153,173 Coming
1978 Same as 77. Cobra got new side stripes, and a new rear window louver. King Cobra package available with snake bonnet, uprated wheels, steering brakes and suspension. Last year for Mustang II. 192,410 Coming
1979 Completely new 3rd generation "Fox" Mustang. Longer & wider. 2 and 3 door body. Sloping front nose. McPh strut front susp, coils & links on rear susp. Much improved handling. 2.4 L 4 cyl, (opt turbo) 2.8 L V6, and 302 V8. Pace Car and Cobra version. V6 replaced with inline six mid yr. 369,936 Coming
1980 Similar to 79. 302 V8 replaced by 255 version with auto trans only.  Cobra has same spoiler and hood scoop as Pace Car.  McLaren version available with extensive body and suspension work. Shelby makes 12 extra x 66 model convertibles! 271,322   Coming
1981 182,552
1982 Mustang GT version reintroduced, with 302 V8. 130,418 Coming
1983 Front and rear end restyled. Convertible reintroduced. 302 HO introduced with increased output. Optional 3.8 V6. 120,873 Coming
1984  Similar to 83. 302 GTHO with 5 spd manual, or auto's got detuned EFI engines. SVO model introduced with 4 wheel disc brakes turbo 2.3L & unique grille. 20th Anniversary Special model 141,480 Coming
1985 Minor grille restyle. SVO 302 motor gained stainless headers and dual exhaust, and  4 rear shocks, and steering and suspension improved. Saleen specials introduced, incl convertibles. 156,514 Coming
1986 Similar to 85, but 4 barrel Holley on 302 replaced with fuel injection.  224,410 Coming
1987 Most extensive restyle since 79. All new interior, GT gets airdams and side skirts, 302 power up. LX model introduced 89. V6 dropped. 159.145   Coming
1988 211,225
1989 209,769
1990 Similar to 89. 140 mph speedos introduced on GT and LX. 128,189 Coming
1991 New 5 spoke alloy wheels on GT and LX,  98,737   Coming
1992 79,280
1993 New special, the Cobra, with different sideskirts, rear wing, cobra badging, uprated 302 with GT 40 heads, but softer suspension. Also a 107 Cobra R versions built with uprated suspensions. Steeda GT,  SAAC and Outlaw XS special models also available.  114,228 Coming
1994 Total redesign of body and interior. 2 door coupe and convertible only. Dual airbags. 4 wheel discs std. Opt ABS. 4 cyl engine dropped. Smallest engine was the 3.8 V6.  123,198 Coming
1995 250 Cobra R models built, with 351 V8, heavier duty suspension and brakes and uprated wheels/tyres, fuel cell tank, 150 mph top speed. 185,986 Coming
1996 New 4.6L modular V8 replaces 5.0 (302) V8. 135,620 Coming
1997 108,344 Coming
1998 175,522 Coming
1999 For 1999, Mustang has a sweeping hood, side scoops and short rear deck.  133,637 Coming
2000 215,693 Coming
2001 The Mustang Bullitt GT is introduced. Unique side scoops, 17-inch Bullitt-style aluminium wheels and a lowered suspension are specially tuned for the car. Rocker-panel moldings enhance the low-to-the-ground appearance. A brushed aluminium fuel filler door is prominently placed on the quarter panel. 155,563 Coming
2002 The new Mach 1 is introduced. The car features the return of the “shaker” scoop, a redesigned “comfortweave” interior, heritage wheels and an extended black air dam and spoiler 142,404 Coming
2003 153,134 Coming
2004 129,858 Coming
2005 The first completely new Mustang since 1987, but with retro styling. 160,412 Coming
2006 165,762 Coming
2007 Coming



Extensively redesigned exterior which still retains the retro styling of the 2005- 2009 models.


All engines revised for 2011 including GT models with a 32-valve 5.0 L engine (or 305 cu. in.) (also referred to as the "Coyote" engine) producing 412 hp (307 kW) and 390 lb·ft (530 N·m) of torque.  Electric power steering replaced the conventional hydraulic version. There is much speculation to the actual output of Ford's 5.0 powerplant. Various dynometer tests have revealed that Ford Motor Company underrated the engine, according to the tests the engine is closer to a power of 435hp and 404 ft. lbs tq.

Mustang Boss 302, based on the original 1969 model, was introduced. It has an upgraded engine, with a 444 hp (331 kW) and 380 lb·ft (520 N·m) output. It includes stiffer springs and a bigger stabilizer bar at the rear, among other things. Only 4000 Boss 302s will be produced. Most of these are 'regular' Boss 302s, but the other 750 of them will be Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Edition. These extra special editions run about one second faster around Laguna Seca compared to the base Boss 302. The Laguna Seca edition includes a large adjustable splitter in the front, and a X-brace where the rear seats used to be, making it a 2-seater.


In spring 2012, Ford launched an update to the Mustang line as an early 2013 model. The Shelby GT500 has a new 5.8L supercharged V8 producing 650 hp (480 kW) and is capable of speeds upwards of 200mph. Ford claims it is the most powerful production V8 in the world. The output of the Boss 302 model is unchanged at 444 hp (331 kW) and 380 lb·ft (520 N·m).