Website Funding

(This page was last updated April 2012)

Funding: Where do the $ come from?

The site costs almost $1000 dollars per year to keep operating, not to mention many hours of maintenance time.  As the aim is to provide a service free to all NZ Mustang enthusiasts, financial support from clubs, companies and individuals is welcomed. Funding for the site is currently obtained from the following three sources.

1. From the Seven Regional NZ Mustang Clubs.

The clubs together cover the basic background cost of operating the site, such as hosting fees, access fees, domain fees, etc. The club which hosts the national convention each year, pays the lions share, as they receive the most benefit in terms of convention advertising, and sponsor exposure. All the other clubs make a voluntary donation each year.

Club funding ensures the site remains financially viable, and covers the provision of all basic services including car parts buy and sell, cars wanted, club events, and general news, service directory etc. It does not cover the labour intensive cars for sale section.

2. From Commercial Sponsorship.

This funding comes from the sale of advertising exposure on the site in the form of company and product flyers, page sponsorships, etc. More sponsors are sought.

3. From Personal Donations (Cars For Sale)

This funding comes mostly from those who successfully sell their cars through the site. (Listing a car is free) No donation is expected if the car does not sell through the site.
Managing the Cars For Sale section is labour intensive, as the average advert takes 20-30 minutes to prepare and load, depending on the amount of text, the number of images and how much work is needed to reformat them for the internet.
There is also further time spent interacting with the seller, scanning images where photos are posted in, updating the adverts as required, chasing up advertisers to see if the cars are sold, and ultimately removing listings to the archive when the car is sold.
Donations after successful sales are sort to recognise that the time invested in building and managing a listing, is primarily for personal gain.
(Unfortunately only about 1/3rd of successful advertisers actually make a donation). 


Donation amounts are not fixed and are left totally to the discretion of each seller, and their perception of the quality of the service provided.

(As a guide, past donations for cars sold received have ranged from $20 to $200. The average is about $50 )

Options for making a payment are:

Option 1: Make a deposit into the site NZ bank account

(Email me for the account details)
Please quote the listing # with the deposit so I know who it is from.

Option 2 : Post in a cheque

 (Make out cheque to: NZMustang.com)

PO Box 64 090
Botany Downs
Auckland 2163.

Option 3:  Make a paypal account deposit.

Please direct the deposit to paul@nzmustang.co.nz

Thank you for your support !