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Southern Mustang Owners Club

The club is based in Otago and Southland.

Started by Phil Coulthard and Roger Bugden after the Christchurch Convention in 1998.
  The first meeting drew about 12 members, but the the club has now grown to 60 financial members (and still growing)
 from the Otago and Southland area, and boasts over 50 Mustangs including:

Year Models Number
64-66 Convertibles 9
64-66 Notchbacks & GTs 13
67-68 Convertibles 2
67-68 Fastbacks and Notchbacks 11


Cougars 2
69-70 Mach 1/Sportsroof/Coupe 7
69-70 Boss / 428 Super Cobra Jet 2
71-72 Mach 1 3
2002 Cobra 1
Total 50

At the 2003 National Convention the club participated in its own right for the first time, and in 2011 the club hosted its first National convention in Invercargill.
This is a socially focused club that aims to get the whole family involved, and operates in close association with the Canterbury Mustang Owners Club

Down south they like to start their new members early in life....

Graeme Kennedy's car at the 2014 Tapanui Xmas Parade with his step-daughter (Amber Taylor) and Grandson (Laine Taylor) aboard.

The club meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Club Southland in Leet Street Invercargill, has regular club runs, and has its own newsletter.

For an application form to join the club, click here
(For more information contact the club President)

PRESIDENT: John Lyons 11 Langshaw Road, 2 R D, INVERCARGILL 9872
Phone. H. (03) 230 4387. M. 027 435 9516
Email: jlyons@ajautoelectrical.net.nz

VICE PRESIDENT: Roger Neilson 18 Lochend Close, Waihopai, 2 R D, INVERCARGILL 9872
Phone. H. (03) 215 8442. M. 021 166 8733
Email: rogern@outlook.co.nz

SECRETARY: Mark Reidie 84 Joseph Street, INVERCARGILL 9810
Phone. H. (03) 214 4700 M. 027 434 5238
Email: mustangclubsouthern@gmail.com (SMC Email address)

TREASURER: Ann-Maree Robinson 133 Robinson Road, 1 R D, WYNDHAM 9891
Phone. H. (03) 206 4958 M. 027 206 4990
Email: amrobinson@glenham.co.nz

COMMITTEE: John Lyons (Invercargill) Roger Neilson (Invercargill)
Mark Reidie (Invercargill) Alan Wilson (Invercargill)
Ann-Maree & Brent Robinson (Glenham)
Graeme & Sheryl Kennedy (Tapanui)

Club email Address is: mustangclubsouthern@gmail.com
Web page is: http://www.nzmustang.com/Clubs/southern.htm
Visit our Facebook page: Southern Mustang Club, New Zealand


Southland Club members.
Winners of the Canterbury/Southland Annual interclub competition. Aug 2009.