Taranaki Club Cars 1-15

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1 Dr Peter Rich.  1966 Notch.  New Candy Apple Red paint (original colour). Styled steel wheels & mud flaps, air con, power steering, auto, original parchment interior, wood grain wheel. 

2 Rae Simpson. 1964 1/2  Convertible. Purchased1982 in Auckland. Previously imported from San Jose and completely rebuilt it.  I have added the Blue & White upholstery, Styled Steel Wheels, Dual Red Band tyres, Rally Pac, Mud Flaps, Dual side mirrors, fog lights, stainless exhaust system. Always garaged which is why the paint is still so good.  RaeSimpson2B.JPG (54045 bytes)
3 Noel and Rose King. 1970 Sportsroof. 351W 4V C4 auto, Cherry Red. Slightly modified engine with 14.5 sec 1/4 mile at Thunder Park. Manufactured in San Jose, and was first reg in NZ in 1986. Has has 4 NZ owners. Once carried the number plate 99FM as it was a prize in a promotion by Radio Hauraki in 1991.  Noel&Rose.JPG (113989 bytes)
4 Noel and Rose King. 1971 Mach1 351C 4V 4 speed manual, grabber green.  Manufactured in Dearborn Michigan, and first reg Canada. Reg NZ 1991 with only 8280 miles. Now in the hands of its 4th owner, the second having owned it from 72-92, it has always been in Taranaki. Untouched interior, some body repairs and repainted. 71mach1.JPG (125876 bytes)

Graeme and Lorraine Snell. 1969 Mach 351w 4speed Hurst shifter, power disc brakes, power steering

6 Graham and Diana. 1964 Notchback, 289 4V 3 speed manual. Silver/grey. Manufactured 11 November 1964 at San Jose. Graham&Di.JPG (71411 bytes)
7 Mark and Karen Neilson: 1969 Notchback. Won 1st place in the 69-70 all models class. It has been nicknamed the 'grocery getter' after reading in an article somewhere that school teachers used to go and buy their groceries in this model car!  
8 Rae Simpson: 1965 A Code Fastback, C-4 Automatic, Styled Style Wheels, Dual Exhaust with headers, Mud Flaps ( to stop stone chips), Personalized Plate,
Center Console, Real Wood Grain Steering Wheel, Fog Lights, Nice Detailed Engine Bay, Genuine Signed by "Carroll Shelby" Glove box door, Stereo
9 Jeff Maulder: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1, 351w, 4 speed manual, Manufactured in Phoenix Arizona on 14 November 1969. Purchased in Wanaka in July 2000 and drove it back to Taranaki the next day. Body has been stripped back to bare metal and repainted to it's original factory colour: Champagne Gold & Matt Black. Eventually I want to put back the original big block engine (390).
10 Terry Dwyer:1969 Ford Mustang Convertible. 302 W, Automatic (C4), Power Steering, Manufactured in Los Angeles on 9 September 1969 Purchased from Phil Rubin, Santa Ana California in Dec 2004. Imported into Wellington, Trucked to Palmerston North, then VINed and on the road (legally) in NZ on 22 April 2005. Body has been stripped back to bare metal and repainted to it's original factory colour: Lime Gold.
11 Mark & Jan Phillips - 2006 Foose California Concepts
12 Brett & Stacey Hazeldine 1965 Converitble , Arcadian Blue
13 Kerry and Lyn Drake  1973 Mach

Dennis & Eva Goble 1969 Shelby GT500,  Dark Green

15 Nigel & Diane MacDonald 2007 Mustang GT 500, Red with white strips