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Completed Southern Club Events 2014

Christmas Run & Dinner
13th December 2014

We gathered outside the Waikiwi Rugby Club grounds and left promptly at 9.30am on the 13th of Dec 2014. From there 11 cars travelled in convoy through Winton arriving at Mossburn on the dot of 11am which was fortunate as a few knocks on the door of the Mossburn Pub saw us let in and imbibe a few drinkies. After a couple of drinks we then headed for Lumsden where we were expected at Route 6 Café and Bar for lunch. A great place all done out like a ‘Happy Days’ diner complete with a Dodge and surfboard as the bar. After a very enjoyable meal (the menu was all car and hotrod themed) we dispersed and filled in a few hours before reassembling at Ziffs Restaurant in Otatara at 6pm. More drinks, then dinner was ordered, more drinks, dinner arrived from the kitchen and was absolutely beautiful and well worth the wait. We had to leave early but the rest of the team looked as if they were in for a great night. Thanks to Roger for organising everything and for the great company.......a great day out.

Graeme Kennedy

Kingston BBQ Run
Saturday 12th July 2014


Five Mustangs and a Falcon enjoyed a pleasant drive to Roger and Annes’ crib at Kingston. After unloading the cars of food and refreshments Roger lit the BBQ and got it ready for cooking. With the ladies inside arranging the salads, the men supervised the BBQing. Only one batch of meat patties had to be returned for further cooking so it wasn’t too bad. After lunch and drinkies we had to leave for another ‘do’ in Invercargill but I’m sure the ‘after BBQ’ went well with some of those attending staying the night. Many thanks to Roger and Anne for a very pleasant day in a beautiful location.

Graeme Kennedy