Other Clubs, Groups and Individuals

Other than the 7 major owners clubs, there are a number of smaller Mustang groups, as well as hundreds of enthusiasts who are not club members..

This page will attempt to list them as information is received. Please advise!

Mustang Six Association

On the day in August 1964 when the Ford Mustang debuted at Ford dealerships across the USA prospective buyers were offered the choice of three types of engines, 170 cubic inch 6 cylinder, 260 cubic inch 8 cylinder as well as a 289 also an 8 cylinder. By the end of 1964 the 170 6 cylinder had been replaced with a 200 cubic inch version. The rest they say is now history.

The only visible differences between the 6 and 8 Mustangs is on the 6 cylinder version no V8 badge on the front guards and 4 stud pattern wheels

The good news is, there is a club with its own website dedicated to the 6 cylinder Mustang.

The Mustang 6 Association (M6A) has everything for the 6 cylinder Mustang owner or aficionado .They cater for 1964 1/2 to 1973 inline sixes and 1974 to present V6s.
Membership is free to this organisation, members will be given a windscreen decal to display on their vehicle/s. Its ironic that these decals were made in Wellington NZ for the M6A and then distributed from the USA.

The M6A s website contains various features which includes a forum also members are sent a monthly news letter in email format. There are approximately 1200 fellow members of the M6A, they also have a facebook page

Contact can be made at:
or email Terry Reinhart mustang6association@gmail.com

Remember this equation : 6=8

Non Club Members Cars

Pictures of cars belonging to individuals who are not members of one of the main clubs are very welcome. Those received will be posted here.


Gisborne Owners Group

There are 8 mustang owners, in Gisborne, who are members of the Gisborne American Car Club.

Contact Mike Walsh,
 Cell number 025-849799
 e-mail berkeley@ihug.co.nz


American Muscle Car Club (NZ)

This club has a website, and several members with Mustangs. 

Check them out at www.musclecar.co.nz