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Want to sell your Mustang ?


1. Read the tips below.
2. Send your pictures and description to Wal Marshall
3. Sell the car, and then,
4. Make a donation  (if it sells through the site).

(ALSO: Consider using the Extra Value Services to sell faster.  See  the bottom of the page)

Tips for Best Results:

A: Get Great Pictures: It really does makes a huge difference!

  1. Take several good photos of the car. I suggest an absolute minimum of four, (see below) but up to 10 is better. (There is a limit of 10 photos per free listing).
    *  Front and one side, (If its only going to be one picture then this is the one to use)
    *  Rear and other side, 
    *  Engine bay, and
    *  Interior. 

  2. Take the photos outdoors (never in the garage), and preferably not in the driveway, but in a more scenic location.

  3. Choose a bright (but maybe not full sunny) day for the exterior shots. Watch for shadows across the car including your own. The car needs to be evenly lit with no very bright or dark shadowy spots, with the sun above or behind you. Move the car to achieve this for each shot. For the photo of the interior and engine bay, a cloudy day may be best to ensure even lighting. Use the fill-in flash setting on the camera for the interior and engine bay to ensure any darker spots are brightened.

  4. If you have a digital camera you can email me the images direct, but please watch the file size. When I get the files I will crop out unneeded areas, adjust brightness and image density etc for best results, and blur out number plates if you require that.

  5. If you don't have a digital camera or scanner, ask for the prints to be placed on CD when the film is developed.

  6. If you only have prints, post me the photos and I will scan them for you (and return them if you want them back - please include stamped self addressed envelop). If you have access to a scanner, scan them at 150 dpi, and preferably save them as JPG format files, for quick emailing. Picture files should ideally be between 100 and 150kb in size, but no bigger than 200 Kb for web site use. If you don't know how to resize them send me full size pictures and I will reduce them for you. Note that most email programmes will not like it if you attach to many large photos to one email so keep each email under 5 Meg to make sure they go through.

  7. When emailing files from Outlook, please use the attach file button on the top tool bar (the one that has a paper clip symbol - Rather than embedding the images into the message body).

  8. Please don't send me images embedded inside .pdf or MSWord files as its a lot of work to extract them.

B: Include a Full (and Accurate) Description: Buyers Really Appreciate It.

  1. Describe your car fully: e.g. year, model, mileage, engine size and type, transmission, paint colour, options fitted, wheels, mechanical work done, body work done, modifications, special features, show prizes obtained etc.

  2. Significant defects should be included in the description. All cars have problems, and it gives the buyer more confidence when the seller is up front about whats wrong, rather than trying to hide or pretend they are not there, and making buyers worry about what you are hiding!

  3. Small defects such as paint chips etc do not need listing unless you are selling a concurs category car.

C: Provide Full Contact Details: Provide Buyers with Multiple Ways to Contact You.

  1. Provide good contact info: Always provide a phone (lots of buyer like to call up and talk) + mobile if you have one.  An email address MUST also be provided

  2. Advise which city/town (or approx location) the car is in. (Note: street is address not required and will not be included if provided).

D: Get Real about the Asking Price

  1. Be real about the price. The very best time to sell is within 2 weeks of listing the car. After that the odds of selling fall, as does the final selling price.

  2. The #1 reason for failing to sell is an unrealistic initial asking price. Remember that ultimately you do not decide what your car is worth - the market does that for you. No enquiries? Your price is probably too high.

  3. Troll through the archive of sold cars to get a feel for what the market value might be. Note: Mostly these are asking prices not selling prices. There will usually be a significant difference unless the car sold quickly. Note also the time required to sell - the longer to sell the more the price will have fallen. Look on US websites for similar cars for sale, and adjust for freight, duty  Vinning and a significant allowance for unknown problems, to get the car to you and to a drivable condition.

  4. Always include an initial asking price. Typically no price will result in your time being wasted with dreamers. Perhaps start a little high unless you are in a hurry to sell. If the car doesn't sell within 4 weeks, then drop the price. Just email me and I'll make the change.

E: Get up to Speed on the Latest Scams

  1. Go to the scam message page and so you know what to expect. Scammers are not quite the problem they once were as sellers are more informed - you just need be able to recognise them and so delete them. Never reply and never follow any embedded links.

F: Check list before sending the advert

  1. Good pictures. (Maximum of 10 for a free listing, but no limit for extra value services below)

  2. Full description of the car included

  3. Full contact details provided: Phone, Mobile, email

  4. Location of the car provided (e.g. Auckland)

  5. Asking price included. $ ?????

G: Finally: Once the Car is Sold

  1. Remember to advise when the car is finally sold, so the advert can be moved to the archive listings.   Then you will not be needlessly bothered by more prospective purchasers, nor will you be wasting their time. You will also not continue to be pestered by ongoing scam emails!

  2. Preferably advise me what the sale price was so the archive can reflect the actual sale price rather than the asking price.

  3. If your car sells through the site, please make a donation to NZMustang in recognition of the work involved in listing your car and the service provided.

Extra Value Services to Sell your Car Faster

In addition to the basic free listing as detailed above, NZMustang also offers two extra value services:

1. A home page "splash" section that can feature your car. This provides massive extra exposure for a one-off fee of $50 a week.
2. Special dedicated feature page clickable from a home page splash and/or from your free listing that sets out more extensive photos and features of your car (Here is an example). There is no time limit on feature pages, and cost is dependent on the amount of content and the time required to build it, but between $100-200 is typical.  This is an ideal option for expensive or immaculate cars to showcase them better, and also good for extensively modified cars.

Contact me for more details: