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**WARNING!: Purchasing / Selling Scams**

Unfortunately avoiding scams have become a normal part of doing business on the internet be it on this site, on Trade me or any other internet buy/sell location. The critical issue is to be aware.

"I would just like to say thank you for the article on scamming that you have on your website. I was suspicious about someone wanting to buy my truck on Trade Me (wanting to buy it for more than i had the buy now at???? Didn't make sense). They emailed me so i Goggled their email and it lead me to your website..... I have received quite a few. Although i can't confirm that they are all scams, they never got back to me when I said I wanted them to hit "buy now" and that i didn't use paypal, and never called when i gave them a contact number. I am however 99% sure they are all scams.  Once again thank you for your webpage in helping us avoid these criminals. Andrew K...." 19 Oct 2010.

The Basic Scams

There are three basic scam or rip off processes for cars...
The first is cars that are not correctly represented.  (eg rusty, accident damaged, or needing mechanical repairs cars are not correctly described -may even be listed as excellent condition)
The second is where a fictitious car is put up for sale in the hope of convincing a buyer to pay sight unseen. (See examples 26&27 below, and another example is here: Go to listing # 355, and note how genuine it looks except for the very low asking price!
The third
is outright purchasing scam where the buyer is out to get some of your money. This is very common and many typical examples are outlined below.

Buyer Scams: An overseas buyer offers to purchase your car (often on behalf of someone else). He (or she) offers to send you a bank cheque for more than the value of the car. The extra funds are to pay for shipping. You may even be phoned up and talked to by the "buyer". The purchaser arranges for an associate to organise the shipping, and to collect the car. You are asked to pay that person for the shipping from the "surplus funds". The bank cheque arrives, looks very genuine, and your bank nominally clears the cheque a week after you deposit it. You send the surplus funds to the shipper. The "shipper" then disappears with your money. Your bank then dishonours the original cheque, which may take many weeks to fully clear.

A new twist in this scam is to pretend to use Paypal to pay. The buyer sends an email to the seller to say he has made payment via Paypal. An email supposedly from Paypal then arrives suggesting payment has been made . However this message is bogus and although it look real it does not come from Paypal and the links in it are fraudulent as well. The buyer then asks the seller (who thinks he has received payment) to remit the surplus funds back to the transport company. The scammer then disappears with these funds. (See examples 28+29 below)

Seller Scams: Basically this scam involves dishonest sellers trying to flog off a car they do not own. Typically they will offer a mint car for sale, very cheap, not be able to answer any in-depth questions, show little knowledge of the model type, refuse personal or third party inspection (may suggest "their "independent inspection co!), be unable to supply extra photos of locations you specify, and will want a deposit to hold it or even full payment up front. Typically the seller will be in a hurry as "other buyers want the car" . Be careful of convoluted purchase deals involving third parties holding your money. Bottom line.. if it feels suspicious, it probably is. Make certain you or someone you trust actually views the car and sights proof of ownership before any money is handed over.

Here is an article related to Ebay sale scams. http://www.buyclassiccars.com/articles/56.asp  


How to Pick a Scam Email

There are new twists to scams almost every day. Check the examples below to see how they take all sorts of forms.
Most of the scam emails however have at least some of the following features:
1. The buyer/Seller is from another country.
2. The email originating address is obscure such as a hotmail , Gmail or Yahoo account or similar.
3. No street address or fake street addresses are given.
4. There is no meaningful attempt to find out the real condition of the car, ask relevant or searching questions, or the seller appears to have a great car but knows nothing of any depth about it
5. There are may be obvious spelling mistakes and/or the grammar is bad.
6. Requests pictures of the car even though the original advert already had pictures, or if selling refuses extra pictures.
7. Requests to personally inspect the car refused if selling or not required if buying.
8. Offers to pay by Bank cheque or Cashers Cheque, or fake paypal deposit.
9.  If selling requests payment or a deposit in advance.
10. Proposed shipping to be arranged via a third party
11. The buyer /seller is in a hurry to conclude the deal.
12. Payment may be offered via a neutral third party system. (False proof of payment is then offered)
13. Buyer/seller works in some obscure location which make normal communication impossible.. thus emails only.


Examples of Common Scam Emails

Listed below are examples of scam emails. Note also that scams are increasingly being initiated by SMS Txts - some examples are also shown below .
All examples are reproduced exactly as received complete with grammatical errors.
 If you get sent one,  NEVER FOLLOW ANY LINKS IN IT,  and NEVER RESPOND. (If you respond you may then be pestered by phone calls and further emails or txts.)
If you get one that has new flavour or twist to it, please copy it to me so I can include it here as an example for others.  

Example 35

"Hello (name) , Thanks for the update e-mail i do appreciate it..  I'm a Marine engineer but I'm off shore at the moment. Your asking $15000 is fair and i will like to make an initial deposit so you can be sure i'm very much interested.  I shall contact an agency to come over for an inspection cos i do not know its present condition before i can send your balance. As for the deposit payment,my preferred is a cashiers check..its guaranteed and shall be easily cashed so you keep $1,500 for the deposit and money left on the check is for the agency to be in your location for the inspection immediately cos they making other vital inspections and deliveries for me you send it out okay. Provide me your full name, complete address and phone # so that the check can be mailed to you. I shall be back in 3 weeks, but then my regiment will be deployed to Afghanistan and I shall stay there for a while. You would have all your money in your hand after inspection is completed before title is released and shipped okay. I'll give you a call once i get onshore like wise the agent so that all arrangement could be intact. The best way to contact me is via email as I'm always running around with things.. Joe Roland  US Marine Corps 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine  Expeditionary Force"

Example 34
This example is a scam designed to collect your personal data and ultimately cause you a lot of problems.
 It has been sent out purporting to use your own personal email address . DO NOT REPLY

Title: Career opportunity inside.  Hello. We would like to introduce you our company. Our company is a large international holding complex that provides supporting services for businesses
of the clients with main office in Berlin (Germany). We deal with:- tax planning consulting;- registration of companies and;- additional supporting services for foreign based companies.Now there are some vacancies in our company. If you are willing to have some extra money and interested in part-time job then this offer is for you. We need some personal information about you:* your first name, * your last name,* country you live in,* the date of your birth,* your email address, * you primary phone number,* extra phone number,* convenient time for a call. Tell us about your other work experience. Also we would like to know if you have got a criminal record? If you have interest to work with us, please send me your information to Zachary@cv-wug.com. We would be glad to cooperate with you further and will be looking forward to your reply. Sincerely.

Example 33

This is another example of a txt attempting to draw the victim into a scam: It was received from +60 122859679, which is a Malaysian number.
I want to know if your car on trademe is still for sale.plz email me on cjack7777@gmail.com ,, Same as cjack7777 at gmail dot com.

Example 32

Thanks for your response, I am quite okay with your price, I need you to understand that i am willing and ready to purchase it right away, put it off the AD site, consider me as your favorite buyer, and Please note that i have a shipper/mover who handles my shipping arrangement anywhere in the world, he would be coming for the pickup, after you have received payment, which would be through paypal, If this is acceptable, advice soon as i am an hydrographer and i am buying this for my Dad, i am at work right now .I can only pay through pay pal at the moment as i do not have access to my bank account online,but i have it attached to my pay pal account, and this is why i insisted on using pay pal to pay, all i will need is your pay pal email address to make the payments, and if you do not have a pay pal account yet,its pretty easy to set one up at www.paypal.com, i will be expecting your email.I have a pick up agent that will come for the pick up after payments has been sorted. I want you to provide me with the following information for me to proceed with the Payment... Your PayPal e-Mail Address : full name: I have a pick up agent that will come and pick it up after i have made the payments...

Example 31

To whom it may concern, My name is LCpl Marc Auger but everyone calls me Frenchie. I am Marine stationed in Yuma, Arizona. I have been shopping around for my wife's dream car and I googled it and you came up. If you have already sold this vehicle, could you please direct me down the correct path to acquire one of these machines? If not, I would like to let you know that I am VERY interested in it. Very respectfully,  LCpl Marc "Frenchie" Auger, MCAS Yuma, AZ, VMA-311, Maint Admin, Cell: 850-797-1888, Personal email: marcclanton@yahoo.com, Work email: marc.auger@usmc.mil.

Example 30

This example is similar to several below BUT was initiated by an SMS Txt message from an anonymous number. Beware!

 Email to seller (after SMS txt) : From Williams Avis <wavis59@yahoo.com
I am a marine biologist and I'm in the ship right now. I will not be able to call you and inspect but i am much please with the description and I believe i can trust you with that. I would want you to know that iwill be  paying via PayPal and i would pay the paypal transfer charges too...due to the distance as I'm in Atlantic Sea presently...I want you to provide me with the following information for me to proceed with the Payment...
Name, Your PayPal e-Mail Address : Amount.
I would like you to know that after i make the payment i would tell my Private Courier Service to come and pick it up at your address once you receive the payment into your PayPal account.
Have a nice day. I will be adding the 3.9% PayPal surcharge to the total amount i will be paying you. Thanks

Example 29

 Email to seller:  From: Jimmie Coy [mailto:vokalsmoke@ymail.com]  Sent: Thursday, 9 September 2010 6:25 p.m. Subject: Re: 69 mustang convertible.
Thanks for the mail. i would have loved to talk to you on phone, but due to the nature of my job as i work as am a marine engineer, and i mainly work offshore, our phone is down right now, but we can only communicate with our base for now. i don't have access to my bank account online as i don't have internet banking, but i can pay from my paypal account, as i have my bank a/c attached to it, i will need you to give me your paypal email address and your final asking price so i can make the payments asap for the car and please if you don't have a paypal account yet, it is very easy to set up, go to www.paypal.co.nz and get it set up, after you have set it up, i will only need the e-mail address that you use for the registration with paypal so as to put the money through. PS: you can end the auction on the site yourself, you will see a place where u can end the auction and my pick up agent will come around to do the signing of all necessary documents on my behalf after the payment has been made.  Best Regards, Tommy

Example 28

Original Email to seller: From: Nicolas Knight ,(plainrythm@gmail.com)  Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2009 9:25 PM  Subject: Ford Mustang Fastback 1965
Hello, I will like to make an offer of $57,000 for this Automotive and please I can only pay using paypal, and after payment has been made, I will arrange for pick up. Will more than appreciate your reply at your earliest convenience.

Seller Reply: OK deposit the money into my paypal a/c (Email address removed). tell me when you have deposited the funds and we will go from there.

Scammer Glad to read from you. This is for my son. I'm making it a surprise gift for him and i am not in the country right now due to work reasons. I am a Geologist, and I get transferred to a whole lot of places because of my nature of work. I offered you an additional amount because paypal will charge you for receiving money. Besides, I can't make or receive any calls for now because I just got to this place and I'm presently incommunicado but I can only communicate through email to email. I have a pick up agent that will come for the pick up after payment has been sorted out and they will work with you concerning the transfer of papers and any details you might need concerning the change of documents. Look forward to reading from you.

Seller Reply: OK- deposit $58,100 into my paypal a/c . rgds.

Scammer: Hi, I have just made the payment now to (Email removed) and I expect paypal to have contacted you by now. I sent $58,200 and paypal said they will be holding the fund and it will not be credited into your account until you have send the money meant for pick-up and i believe they must have contact you concerning this effect. I will need you to send an upfront payment of $1100 to my pick up agent Headquarter in UK via western union money transfer so that paypal can credit the $58,200 into your account as soon as you have emailed the western union details to them. I added extra $100 to cover the western union charges which shouldn't be more that $50-60 but just to be sure i added $100. Here is the pick up agent information needed for you to send the money through western union money transfer: Godwin Banks, 4 Heathlee Road Crayford,  Dartford, Kent England United Kingdom DA13PW
Please kindly email the necessary details. The MTCN which you will be given at the western union office after the $1100 has been sent as well as the name of the sender and address you used in sending the money so that I can forward it to paypal or better still you can email it to paypal directly, that is fine with me as well so that they can credit your account with $58,200. Please send me your address where it will be picked up and also your phone number as I will need to give it to my pick up agent who will contact you immediately they have received the payment and paypal have credited your account, so they can book a convenient pick up time with you.

Below is the Text from the Bogus PayPal email (Original fully formatted)
Scammer: Dear (Email removed), This email confirms that you have received a payment of $58,200.00 NZD from "Nicolas Knight" (plainrythm@gmail.com) via PayPal AUTOMOBILE Payment Service.
View the Details of this Transaction here:   Transaction ID: 7TX95872YQ375894P
Payment Details.  AUTO Title: Ford Mustang Fastback 1965
Quantity: 1
Auto Amount: $57,100.00 NZD
Pick-Up Charges: $1,100.00 NZD
Total Amount: $58,200.00 NZD
Pick-Up Agent's Information.
Address Status
Godwin Banks 4 Heathlee Road Crayford, Dartford
Kent  England, United Kingdom, DA1 3PW
NOTE: This is to inform you that the total sum above has been successfully debited from the Buyer's account "Nicolas Knight" and is ready to be credited into your account. Due to the fact that this payment is an AUTOMOBILE purchase, we reserve the right to make sure this Transaction is safe and secure and to verify the legitimacy level of this Transaction because of the high sum of funds involved. The above sum has included the Pick-Up Charges. You will receive a Message shortly from the PayPal Customer Service Department informing you on how to send the Pick-Up Charges to the Pick-Up Agent.
Questions Please Click here to Contact PayPal Customer Service Department.
Thank you for using PayPal.
PayPal Team.
Scott Thompson
PayPal, Inc

Example 27

Hello,  I'm glad that you're interested in my 1970 FORD MUSTANG BOSS . It comes with all the documents needed for registration, it has a clear title and it can be registred into your name at any time. I am willing to sell it for $4800 This buy now price does include the shipping and insurance fees. I'm located in Waterloo, NY and the car is here as well and so this is where the car will be shipped from. I've done some research and the best and fastest way I can ship it is using Hemisphere cargo Shipping Ltd which takes between 4 to 6 days to arrive at your door (door to door handling and shipping insurance fee included). I am affiliated with Yahoo! Finance where I have a purchase protection account for $ 5,000.00. This service allows us to complete this transaction in a manner that is quick and safe for both of us. It acts as a third party between seller and buyer to insure that both parties comply to transaction requirements and provides dispute resolution and mediation between parties. Yahoo! Finance is responsible to insure that both parties comply to transaction requirements. If this is ok with you please reply with your complete name, address and shipping address in your next email and let me know if you are interested in knowing more details about this purchase so that I can open a transaction case at Yahoo! Finance and move forward with this deal. Thank you, Richard Smith,  PS: Let me know if you want to see pictures

Example 26

I'm sending you all the pictures I have. 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302. Year: 1970 . Make: Ford . Model: Mustang . VIN: 0F02G170202 ( Note Fake VIN - not a 17# VIN, cars older than 1981 don't have one ).  Stock Number: F108 . Mileage: 70,517  Transmission: Manual , Engine: 8 - Cyl. 5.0 L , Exterior Color: White ,Interior Color: Black , Body Style: Coupe , Title Status: Clear ,Even though I am not good at cars, I'll try to describe the car the best way I can. It has no scratches, no damages, no hidden defects. It is in imaculate condition and has never been involved in any accident.The mileage is accurate. The engine runs good, the paint looks new ( as you can see from the pictures ), garage kept.
Here are the transaction steps:
1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms ,
Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the merchandise, sale price, number of days for the Buyer's inspection.
2. Buyer Pays
The Buyer submits a payment proof. Yahoo! Finance verifies the payment.
3. Seller Ships Merchandise Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to ship merchandise and submit tracking information. Yahoo! Finance verifies that the Buyer receives the shipment.
4. Buyer Accepts the Merchandise
The Buyer has a set number of days for an inspection and the option to accept or reject the merchandise. (in this case 3 days)
5. Yahoo! Finance Pays the Seller
Yahoo! Finance releases the money to the Seller. The transaction is complete.
When I listed the car, I used a national web site. I think they are somehow related to the newspaper in your area! I must remind you that if we are going to have a transaction I will need your complete name and address to initiate a new transaction case at Yahoo! Finance, please provide me with your purchase & shipping details (name and address 'shipping address as well if it is different from your address'). After I receive your details I will initiate a new transaction case at Yahoo! Finance and they will contact you with the complete details of this transaction.
Thank you! Richard

Example 25

Hello, I am a local Autos and Equipment agent, Autos Compound, Located at 205 Gower street London Wcie 6ap,United Kingdom.I purchase, Pick-up,Deliver bike for our client when contracted, and get paid in commission by our client when the bike is delivered.Our client has indicated interest in your bike that was advertised on the net. Please we would want to know if it's still availiable? And if it's still, Send me: (i)The final/bottom price of the bike. (ii) The miles/kilometre on the scale. (iii)T he recent picture of the bike. (iv) Why you are selling the bike? The above questions are part of our company policy when purchasing bike,So don't find it embarrasing to answer. Hope to read from you soon. Have a splendid day. Ian. For more informations contact: Tel :+47031848793

Example 24

Hi, I am interested in buying your car for the asking price of $37,000, I want you to give me a brief history of the car and pictures send to me. Get back to me as soon as possible. Terry.
I want to know if the amount is in US dollars or Australian dollars. I want the picture of the car sent to me with full service history. Get back to me as soon as possible. Terry.

 Thank you for the response. I have seen the pictures. How much is the car in US dollar and how do you want payment made to you. I have arrange for my shipping agent to come over for the inspection and pick up after payment is made to you. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Terry

Example 23

" I never tried to sell anything on the internet before, so after getting the initial scam email (your example # 15) I responded to the email with pictures and my name, address and phone number. Then I received a cheque for $1500, though my asking price was only $500. I contacted the bank that issued the cheque, KERNS SCHOOLS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, PO BOX 9506, BAKERSFIELD, CA 93389 (PHONE 800-221-331) and found out it was counterfeit. The supposed buyer, then sent me the following email."

Subject: Expecting The Western Union Detail By 8.30 Pm. Thanks for the notification of the payment regarding the purchased of it. I am glad you notify me, Moreover, I have just contacted the shipping comany regarding the shipment, The made me understand that the shipment charges will be transfer down to there depertment ,I try and collected there information which you will use in maken the transfer of funds to them via western unon money transfer so that they can come for the shipment without delay on the picking up.The shiping company told me that the shiment charges should be transfer to them in Cash via western union money transfer.
Here is there Sinour Accoutant nformation to use for the Western Uninon: Name : Jones Kelvin. Address : 22 Venture Road, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401. You are to make use of the Information in sending the remaining charges to them today. When you get to the western union office, you are to send the remaining funds Today. Okay. the Shipping company are waiting the remaining funds and i have told them it will be avalable Today. However, after the transfer of funds is made today, Do e-mail me back with the western union information asking below :Sender's name & Receivers's Name : Amount Sent After The Western Union Charges : Mtcn # of 10 Digits : Reseiver's Address and Sender's Address : Text Question & Answer :{let the text question be: What mr Jones Middle's Name } Answer {Let the answer be :Peter. Do make it ready for shipment make sure it clean, You are to e-mail me back with the western union information requesting above. Thanks and my Regards To Your Family

"Then another message next day... (It's too bad there are such creeps out there and that they actually take advantage of people.....)"

Subject: Get back to me... I am still waiting the western union detail..today.   Okay..

I'm still getting scam offers for my motorcycle and I am reporting each one to their internet provider.  I did receive another counterfeit cheque using both the "Highland Independent Bank, 2600 US Highway 27 N, Bebring, Florida 33870-0631" and "Firstar Bank of Minnesota N.A. St. Paul, MN" on the same cheque. It was remitted by a Kevin Roger. 

Example 22

(Another example to show the sort of response you might expect if you replied to one of the scam messages.)

Hello, Thanks for the mail,In other to conclude our arrangement concerning your car my client wants to purchase I forwarded your mail content to him and he Agreed on the price you are selling but He said you will be getting payment inform of a cashier check in the amount of {NZ$17,000}.This amount he explained to me that this amount will come to you in that form based on earlier order he made from a company in the states but it did not workout because there was delay in the shippment of the goods he ordered so he has proposed that if you agree with the terms of payment you should forward you name phone number and address for him to forward it to the company to make out the check in your name and when the check gets to you ,you are to refund the balance{NZ$7,500} to his shipper via Westernn union money transfer immediately for him to be able to arrange for shipping on time.So confirm this and provide the info for payment to get to you.  Best Regards, Mike.

Example 21

This is Dexter Autos,(THE TRUSTED NAME FOR QUALITY) a subsidiary of Dexter ltd with registration no.2482650 England. We're acting as agents to Mr WATSON KINGS. Our client gave us directives to seal the transaction on your vehicle,He told us he wanted to present it to his wife as birthday gift. He is making an offer of $55,950 kindly confirm your intention to sell by sending your mailing information;name,address and phone no.or your bank coordinate. To enhance quick payment. Without delay our prepaid agent will pick the vehicle immediately the check is cleared by you. The prepaid agents charges will be included in the payment package that will be sent to you. Hope to read from you with the above information. yours faithfully, TOM BROWN.

Example 20

Sir/Madam, I am Stephanie Spencer,Sales manager for Winger Law procurement (WLP)Lcated in Plot 209/210 Sussex London.We specialise in purchase of Autos(Car,Bike,Boat and Equipment) for customers here in Europe,and we get paid in commission,after payment has been confirmed by the seller to the buyer.I write you on behalf of our client to contact you and arrange for the buying and shippment of your car which our client saw on the internet,we would like to know the conditions of the said car and probably arrange for payment to get to you and shippment.My customer interested in purchasing your car mentioned above for the sum of $5,950,and we will arrange for the pickup of the car once payment is confirmed cleared by you. Please acknowledge the offer and we will inform the buyer of your confirmation of acceptance to sell and have the funds remitted to you as soon aspossible ,and i'll like this transaction to be kept in utmost trust.I hope you can understand. Hope to hear from you soon. Stephanie. N:B:send the pictures of the car via email

Example 19

Hello, My name is danzel mike, i am situated in europe and, i saw your advert place on the net,that you want to sell Your F  1965 GT Coupe ......extremely well preserved which i am highly interested in it.Ihave a shipper who takes care of the shipment, so shipping will not pose any problem, but before payment will be made ineed to be sure of who i will be dealing with if you are going to be honest and sincere throughout the transaction. So to start with,s ignify your interest by forwarding to me your last offer as well after which we can continue with the transaction and i promise if all conditions and agreement are accepted and reached on time, payment will be made out almost immediately. hoping to hear from you as soon as possible. Kinldy let me know wheather is still available or not. Respectfully danzel mike.

Example 18

My name is Jeffrey Gasdino, sale manager of Used automotor limited UK. We are an automobile procurement concern that specialise in the purchase and shipping of vehicles such as cars, trucks, bikes and even boats to our numerous customers worldwide. We have a customer interested in purchasing your car mentioned above  for the sum of $33,900. We will arrange a pick up of the vehicle once payment is confirmed by you. Please acknowledge the offer so we can proceed with payment to your account as soon as possible. You can call ome on +447040111618,thanks

Example 17

 P.R. & CO.  SHIPPING LINE  Peel Street, Northam, Southampton SO 145QS, England  Telephone:(0247) 777910, . Telex: 477564

Example 15

Good day to you.I humbly write as directed by a client who is intersted in purchasing your '' " 167 Mustang GT . However,I will like to know your last offer,view its picture and to know its present condition. Also talking of the Shipment to Australia, One of my Associate will arrange for the shipment.Who resides In US and she has agreed to make the payment by Cashier Cheque.Also understand that the Cheque will surely clear for the full payment.Moreover, I want you to do understand better, Below is the Shipping Address :Shipping Address:Del Mar Electronics # 1037 Melbourne Street ,NORTH ADELAIDE, SA 5006 ,AUSTRALIA.Fax # {131} 52173204 Tell : +618 8416 0864.But My Phone developed some technical problems,I believe it will be ok soon.I shall give you a call as soon it ok.I will like to know more about the Present Condition of it, If it okay,I will be glad to purchase it from you.Most Important inabout the Picture of it,Do forward the Picture of to my e-mailbox . However,I will be glad to view the picture of it and to know its present condition.Kindly forward to me the Information inwhich the payment will be made out to you, Asking below..Full name that will be written on Cheque.........::: Full address..{P.o Box Or Residential Address} ............:::State...............:::City................:::Zip Code...........:::
Home,office,cell phone #......:::Country..............::: All this information is needed to that the payment can be sent to you. I want you to respond to my mail if you are satisfied with the content of this letter.You can aswell Fax to me regarding the transaction. Fax Number...:{131} 52173204 Extend my greetings to your family.I will awaityour Urgent respond.Thank you and best Regards. Cooper Ryan

Example 14

Hello,  I'm writting in respond to your advert, and i'm pleased to inform you about my interest in purchasing it. so i'll like to know it present condition and the age of it , so we can proceed with the  transaction. also with the last prices you willing to purchase it.Regards to you and your family, Hoping to hear from you soon susan

Example 13

Sir/Madam,  I am Mike Wayne,manager of Mike Auto link,3-7 Manance Street,Beatley Roll Park,Iceland.We specialise in purchase of Autos(car,bike and equipment) for customers here in Europe,and we get paid in commission,after payment has been confirmed by the seller to the buyer.I write you on behalf of our client to contact you and arrange for the buying and shippment of your vehicle which our client saw on the internet,we would like to know the conditions of the said vehicle and probably arrange for payment to get to you and shippment.  My customer is interested in purchasing your car mentioned above for the sum of NZ$35,500,and we will arrange for the pick up of the car once payment is confirmed cleared by you. Please acknowledge the offer and we will inform the buyer of your confirmation of acceptance to sell and have the funds remitted to you as soon aspossible ,and i'll like this transaction to be kept in utmost trust.I hope you can understand.Hope to hear from you soon.  Mike.  N.B: PLS SEND THE PICTURE VIA EMAIL,SO I CAN FORWARD THAT TO MY CLIENT.

Example 12

My client is interested to purchase the following item above the subject,I hope no money is owing on the vehicle,do get back to me if available with the full details,Rego no., engine no., and vehicle ID no. and chassis no.from the vehicle, and what is the bottom asking price and and the pictures of the car, I will be wait to hear from you ASAP today. Have a nice day..

Example 11

Good day to you, My name is Jack, i am an American based in London, My company is @#32 Tooting Bec Gdns London SW16 1RB London.We specialise in the purchase and shipping of CARS/BIKES to our numerous customers worldwide.We have a customer interested in purchasing your vehicle . we will arrange a pick up of the vehicle once payment is confirmed by you.we would also like to know your FINAL offer. Please acknowledge the offer and we will instruct the  buyer to proceed with the payment  procedures immediately .Looking forward to hearing from you..JACK for Hansenmotors  jackhaan5@yahoo.com

Example 10

hello gooday. How are you doing today? I would like to buy your (1969 Boss Mustang) and i want you to give me the price you are willing to sell it and i believe it's still in good condition, pls do remember to email me with the picture. The form of payment would be (Cashier's Check in U.S Fund). I don't want you to be worried about the shipment, I will take good care of it. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, sharon cole.

Example 9

From: Bill Buch  Subject: intrested to buy your car. Good Day, My name is bill Sedan.As regarding your advert i saw indicating that you have a car for sale.A Client of Mine in interested in buying your car if still available get barck to me.

Example 8

i came across your 1994 Subaru Legacy GT, and i am interested in purchasing it.kindly,let me know the last price as well as the present condition and if there is any pics send it to me. And the payment will be made out to you by a cashier cheque. I will await your reply soonest. Thanks

Example 7


Example 6

 Hello,  I'm an auto/boat dealer, I have a client that is interested in purchasing your car listed in www.nzmustang.com. Please get back to me with all this details. (1) condition of the car (2) location (3) pictures and(4) your last asking price for payment to be made to you asap. Thanks, Ben.

Example 5

 Hello, My name is Shawn Adams and I buy and sells cars for my client and one of  them happen to see your car ads $35,950 but can afford to pay $35,400 if this  offer is ok with you, kindly get back ASAP.  ADAMS.

Example 4

Dear Sir/ Madam, My name is Dr Jeff Clay living in Austria. I would like to buy your car, am willing to offer $54,000 can you please tell me your last offer? Am ready to buy the car as soon as possible because i want to use the car as a surprise birthday gift to my only loving sister. I will be very happy if you can send me more pictures of the car. My e-mail address is: Drjeff_clay@hotmail.com Am waiting to hear from you so that we can round it up by next week. and my phone number is 00436649780044 Thanks Sincerely yours Dr Jeff Clay-Geschenkt: 3 Monate GMX ProMail + 3 Top-Spielfilme auf DVD ++ Jetzt kostenlos testen http://www.gmx.net/de/go/mail ++

Example 3

Dear Seller, My sincere apologies for contacting you via e-mail to acquaint you. Mr.KAMERON AGAPITO ERMINIO I live in 1454, Proscov Bhavan, 110, CDA Avenue, Ctg-4000. Bangladesh. I saw your advertisement on (http://www.nzmustang.com/Buysell/CarsforSale.htm) and I am interested in it, I will like to purchase these products of yours (USED MUSTANGS FOR SALE ) which I do not know the price or the amount you are selling it and I will like you to tell me the price to the product bcos, I am interested I buying it I am a dealer and I deal with goods like the products will like to purchase from you I want your interest Over this product if you will like to sell it to me also I will like to know my method of payment bcos. I will like to pay you with a cheque and also I want u to know that I will take care of the shipment by our personal shipping agent company that will take care of the shipments. My shipping agent to start coming around for the pick up and he going to check all the conditions before pick it or you look for shipping company in your country to ship it, but if that is okay by you let me know. I'll need the information contact details in sending the payment to you and it should be listed in this form...Full name: Full address: Telephone number #: Last price: With you for further details.... So that payment can be made delivered to you. Also get back to me telling me the last price, as well so that there won't be any confusion. I will be looking forward to your responds ASAP. Thanks My regards to your family. KAMERON

 Example 2  

Subject: Interested in Buying MUSTANGS FOR SALE . El Vendedor bueno del d&iacute;My sincere apologies for contacting you via e-mail to acquaint you. My Name is  Candelario  I live in  P. O .Box 27-17,Taichung 406, Taiwan ROC.  I saw your advertisement on http://www.nzmustang.com/Buysell/CarsforSale.htm  and  I am interested in it, I will like to purchase these products of yours Used MUSTANGS FOR SALE which I do not know the price or the amount you are selling it and I will like you to tell me the price to the product bcos, I'm very interested in buying it, I am a dealer and I deal with goods like the products will like to purchase from you I want your interest Over this product if you will like to sell it to me also I will like to know my method of payment bcos & Picture. Firstly I want to be sure on what I am buying from you. I?ll like to know if it's in good condition? Why are you selling it? How long have you owned it? ...Had it for sale? What work does it need? How much are you asking for it? What's the least you're willing to take for it? So please I will like to know what method of payment you prefer. I Intend sending you a Certified Check. So that payment can be made immediately and delivered to you. I'll need the information contact in sending the payment to you and it Should be listed in this form... FULL NAME: FULL ADDRESS: CODE: COUNTRY: HOME TELEPHONE NUMBER #: WORK TELEPHONE NUMBER#: FAX NUMBER#: LAST PRICE: With you for further details.... And for my Shipping Agent to start coming around for the pick up of it and check all the conditions be for pick it, But if that is okay by you let me know. Then if you really want to sell it to me you can immediately respond on email. Thanks Sincerely, and have a nice day. Mucho Considera, Candelario

Example 1

"Dear, I just saw the placement of your adevrt that you want to sell your CAR, Which i am interested in purchasing, Lets say possible that you have some pix sent to me via e-mail,And also want to know if payment with a certified cashier's check is okay with you as form of payment.. I just saw the adss from the following site below,http://www.nzmustang.com/Buysell/CarsforSale.htm Which i now became interested in purchasing. Thanks, Lets me know if you still have it for sale at hand and kindly send me the details where payment will be mailed out to.  Bobby..."