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George Sheweiry's TransAM Race Cars.

The blue and white TransAM Mustang I built myself. It is a Rouch carbfib body on a chassis built by a guy Willis in NZ I bought it from Tony Rutherford who had only got as far as buying some wheels and a quick change rear end.  I mounted the body and suspension, brakes pedal-box, top-loader, fuel tank, in fact the whole car.

I didnt have enough money to put together an alloy head engine so I hauled the 366 roller engine out of my Falcon Cobra, fitted a dry sump to it and ran it like that till I had got enough together to build a 302 SVO engine.

It was a great car but was down on power ( my fault as an electrician engine-builder) however I still had mixed success with it as it was supremely reliable. I finished 5th in the street skills Transam series.


In 2005 I sold the car, again to Michael Oldham who still has it, and I bought the ex Grant Sylvester , Jim Richards, Kane Scott Tranzaction, Shell Mustang. Grant won the 2002 TA series in this car.

It weighs in at 1275kg and has a Riley and Scott type Chassis. Its powered by a 366 SVO engine with Yates alloy heads, SVO block Cosworth pistons, H beam Carrillos, Kriptonite crank rollerised roller cam , victor and Brazwell carb. Tilton 3 plate 5" clutch and lite-weight flywheel to a 5 speed Wiseman race box and alloy head fullfloater 9" custom rear-end with 4 pot APs all round and Penske 3 way shocks.


This middle photo is in the pits at Taupo

Thanks to George Sheweiry for the information and pictures.