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69 Pinepac Mustang

This car was imported as a shell ex California in 1991, completely stripped and again built into a race car by Pinepac Racing.

The debut meeting for this car was Wings and Wheels at Whenuapai 1992. The original power plants were 351 Cleveland's and these served us well up until around 1997. Power output with the Cleveland's was around 580 to 600 hp.

When we could no longer source the cast iron Nascar blocks we changed over to an aluminium Windsor Motorsport block but interestingly still retained the original cast iron Cleveland heads which we had "high ported". This configuration ran to 638 hp and was an exceptional package. Over it's racing career my son Andrew and I have driven it most of the time, with some highlights being the winning of the final saloon series races at Baypark when it closed, and several 100 mile classic races at Pukekohe pairing Andrew and I together and on one occasion Andrew and Ed Lamont. Andrew holds the family lap record at Pukekohe at 60.6 although I haven't conceded yet !!!!.

We still use the original Top Loader gearbox, locked 9" Detroit Locker and leaf springs in the rear.  Keeping it simple !!!

(The above Info from Bruce Anderson of Pinepac racing)

Update: August 2007: This car is undergoing a complete ground-up rebuild. The shell has been completely stripped to bare metal, sandblasted and is currently being reassembled by none other than the original builder Ken Hopper.