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The PDL Mustang 2 was built by PDL staff and friends in the workshops of PDL Racing in Christchurch, to American International Motorsport Association (AIMA) Specifications based on development work done by Charles Kemp, a well known builder of Ford based racing cars in the United States.

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The original driver was Leo Leonard.

The engine is of six litres capacity (366 cu inches) and develops 540 bhp. It is based on one of the rare aluminium Cleveland blocks into which was fitted a custom built Moldex crankshaft, Carillo conrods and Brooks forged pistons.

A roller camshaft is gear driven off the nose of the crankshaft. The block is topped by a pair of modified Gurney-Weslake cylinder heads into which fuel is feed by a Formula one type Lucas fuel injection metering via slide type throttles. Ignition is provided by an eight cylindr scintilla magneto.

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Power is transmitted through a multiplate Borg and Beck clutch to an aluminium cased Ford top loader 4 speed box. A 9 inch Ford rear axle is used with a solid spool diff. Brakes are a lockheed system identical to that used on the Can-Am McLaren sports cars.

Wheels are German BBS 3 piece assemblies allowing wheel widths and offsets to be adjusted. The wheels are 15"  dia , 12" wide on the front and 17" wide on the rear.

As at Jan 1979 when the car last raced competitively, it still held the outright Saloon car lap record at Pukekohe, Baypark, Manfield, Teretonga, Timaru, Ruapuna and Wigram.

The PDL Mustang has now been restored to its original condition and specifications.PDL2-7.jpg (52525 bytes)

 It raced at the PDL /Alfa Romero clasic on 4 Feb 96 winning two races, and second in another. On 9 March 96 it made its first appearance in the North Island for 10 years at the Wings and Wheels Classic at Ohakea whee it reached a top speed of 297 kph. The car has now appeared at several classic meets and will be campaigned again in 2003, starting with the Scope classic in CHCH in February.

The current owner and driver is Todd Stewart, of Stewart Motorsport.

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All above information and pictures were extracted from a Feb 2000 PLD Classic Programme held by Bart Ingram

Wigram Trophy meeting, 1978: PDL 1+2, Engines PDL 1+2, Engine PDL 2
Pictures: Lee Tracey