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The PDL Mustang 1

The PDL Mustang 1 is clearly New Zealand's most famous and perhaps most successful racing Mustang of the early 70's..

Picture by Tim Redden

This car is a genuine KK Boss 429 mustang that was imported to NZ by Paul Fahey in late 1970 without its motor and transmission, and was fitted with a 351C HO motor. It was initially campaigned in Cambridge Racing Team colours, but with only mixed success at first. 

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The car was then sold to PDL, with Paul initially continuing as team driver. However his relationship with PDL deteriorated, and Graham Baker took over the driving duties. With solid backing the car at last began to display some of its potential. It was quick, but reliability was initially a problem.

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When Baker left to pursue single seater racing, Leo Leonard took over the driving of the now well known PDL Mustang. In Leonard's hands the car was dramatically quick, to the extent that rumours circulated that the cast iron 351C was in fact a rare experimental Holman Moodie all aluminium engine.   

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The car was also taken to Australia for at least one season.

The pictures above cover Symmons Plains, Calder and Baskerville. (Pics Ellis French)

At the end of the 1973? season, the PDL Mustang II arrived and the # 1 car was sold to Dave Baker. Unfortunately Dave had a huge accident at Pukekohe and demolished the rear of the car. That could have been the end of the story, but thankfully the car was later rebuilt. However its competitive racing days were over, and the car has since been restored to its former glory by current owner (Steve Ross), and appears from time to time in classic car racing events.

Pictures of PDL 1 in its current restored condition: April 2004 (Pics Wal Marshall)

Classic Racing Teretonga, Feb 2006:  (Pic Brian' Mouse' Kelly  )