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Alan Moffat's 69 BOSS

Moffat's Mustang was one of 7 built in 1969 in the US by Kar Kraft where Moffat had worked as a development driver. The car was then extensively reworked by Bud Moore Engineering for the 69 US TransAm season. The car had a state of the art chassis for the time, and was fitted with a BOSS 302 with 4 downdraft Webers and punched out 460bhp.

The car was gifted to Moffat by Ford Boss Jack Passino. Moffat never actually won a Championship in the car coming 6th, in 1970, 2nd in 1971, and 3rd in 1971, BUT the cars tally of 101 wins from 151 starts carved it and Moffat into Aussie legends.


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In 1973 the car was campaigned in Australia and NZ in Brutt 33 colours. The car did its last races in NZ in January 1975. It was repainted in Union Shipping colours especially for those races, which may have been the sedan support events for the Tasman Series.

Pics: Tim Redden

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The Mustang finished up with an incredible record of 101 wins from 157 starts. Today it resides in Queensland, where it has been totally restored by its present owner, David Bowden.

For more details on Alan Moffat and his cars go to http://www.allanmoffat.vze.com