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Coverage of Convention 2010

Convention 2010 is now just a memory, but a very good memory as most of our guests told us it was a major success for them.
Everything flowed well despite a few hiccups (like the stage that was left in the middle of the car show venue from the previous nights concert, took 1.5 hours to dismantle)
but seamless management mean’t that few actually knew about it.
We had 147 cars registered but had way over that number (180 Mustangs) at the car show. The weather was just the best, warm & sunny every day
Ken Smith AMOC.

I wasnt at convention this year so I am completely reliant on your contributions to fill out this page.
Please send stories, photos etc etc to me here. Thanks, Wal

Thanks  for pictures (so far) go to:
 Mike Jolly, Paul Irvine, Ken Smith, Craig Keesing, Arthur Wilkinson, Roger Parsons, Jeff Tobin, Bob Hastie, Jackie Waters, Annette and Phil Dudding.
Thanks also to Dianna Bang and David Aucamp of AK club for the show judging results and Presentation


Friday 22nd: Registration


Saturday 23rd: Show Day

1: 66 K Code & 65-66?? Convert Both cars restored by CARS (Classic & American Restoration Services Ltd from Pukekohe – Steve Sankey). Display in the front foyer.
2:??, 3:?? 4:?? 5: Craig Borland Auck. 2007 Roush 427R, 6:??

1: ??, 2: ??, 3: Larry Huggard Auck. 06 GT, 4:Paul Melia, Auck. Peoples Choice winner. 5: ??,
6: Rex Finlayson Auck, Won Best Paint and 2nd in Class 71-73 mach 1. Restoration done by CARS in Pukekohe

1: 003 Phil Scott, Auck. 2nd 64-66 GT Class
2: 67 Eleanor built by International Motor Sport here in Auck. Was part of the Southern Mustang & Ford Spares display.
3: ??, 4: John Barker Auck. 5 & 6: Brett Walker Auck, Best Boss

1: 1965 Castrol Mustang, 2: 427R Roush, 3: 1965 GT Fastback, 4: 1966 Convertible, 5: 1970's Convertible, 6: 1973 Mach 1.

1+2 2005 Saleen S281SC,              3+4: 2005 GT,                    5+6 : 2009 Shelby GT500KR

1+2:2010 Shelby GT500                                             3+4+5+6 : 2011 GT500                    

                     1: Pony Interior, 2, Standard Interior,                3+4+5: Eleanor with Dynacorn Body ,         6: 2003 Mach 1                      

Totem Pole outside venue, and other entertainment.


Sunday 24th: Event Day Te Puru Run

Heading out of Auckland

Te Puru lunch break

P51 Mustang Photo opportunity , and DC10 ride.

Sunday 24th: Evening- Prize Giving Dinner.

1. Arthur Anae Manukau City Councillor giving his address.
2. Six Club Presidents
3. Wayne Lack, Auck. Club President reading out one of the category prize winners.

Annette and Phil Dudding (AK)

Prize giving results (Table) is here.

Show Prize Presentation (Powerpoint) can be downloaded here or
Show Prize presentation (pdf) can be viewed


Monday 25th: Farewell Breakfast and Drive Home.

(Your contribution here)

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