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Get Your Mustang on your Club Site.

Its easy!

(Concerned about security? See Note 4 at the bottom)

If you would like to add your mustang to this web site, please follow the instructions below;

Option 1: Email

If you have a scanned image of your car, email Paul with a good description of the car and attach the photo,
and be sure to say which club you belong to!

Option 2: Post

No scanned image? No worries. Post a photo with the car description, to:

PO Box 64 090
Botany Downs
Auckland 2163
 New Zealand


 Note 1: If you want the photo back please include a stamped return addressed envelope.

Note 2: Please include a description of your car perhaps: year, model, engine, transmission, colour other extras features or modifications that could be of interest.

Note 3: Tell me if you DO want your email address included with your car listing.

Note 4: Security
From time to time I get asked about the risks of placing a car with name and registration # on the internet. My personal experience, and that of others,  is that you are very very unlikely to have any problems. However if you are concerned, I can easily erase the registration numbers from any photos you send me, and/or leave your surname off the owners name. If your car is already on the site, and you have concerns I can easily modify your listing on request.