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Southern Club Events 2004   



Six cars met at the Ascot Motel at about 3.45pm on Friday the 27th August. Roger and Suzy in his 1969 Mach 1 SCJ, Vic and Wilma in their 1972 Mach 1, Kevin and Jacqui in their 1966 Notchback, Dale, Mandy and Lynda in their 1965 Notchback, Roger in his 1969 Mach 1 and Alan and Karen in their 1966 Notchback.

At about 4.15pm we all set off towards Alexandra. There was a short stop at “The Trout” in Gore, but it was decided it was to cold to hang around so off we went on our way towards Roxburgh. We turned off State Highway 1 just out of Gore with Alan leading we worked our way towards Ettrick via Moa Flat and Kelso. The weather was good with the odd shower and now and again a glimpse of the sun as it began to lose height in the sky. The ground was covered in snow as we gained height heading towards Kelso. As he stood on the foot pegs of his Quad farm bike a local farmer had a grin from ear to ear as he watched 6 Mustangs roar by. We eventually arrived at Roxburgh to regroup. We were all there except Vic who somehow got left behind.

It was decided to have a meal at the “Shingle Creek” hotel. On our way there 2 of the group witnessed an accident which thankfully was a non-injury one but resulted in one much wrecked BOB MARLEY WAGON.

We eventually arrived at the Centennial Motor Lodge and all booked in. It was then to the bar for a few drinks while we waited for the rest of the Club Members to arrive.

The entertainment for the night was “Horse Racing”. This involved 3 wooden horses on wheels with strings attached to winders. Lanes were marked out and the horses set in place. Funny money was provided to enable the “punters” to bet on their favourite jockeys. Extreme amounts of “cash” changed hands and a good night’s fun was had by all. The kids especially enjoyed it. Mystery envelopes were bid for to finish off the night and then it was back to our rooms for a nights sleep ready for the next day.

The morning was bright and clear. After breakfast we all cleaned our cars ready to go for a drive through the countryside. Once we were all ready and the rest of the members turned up [By now we had a total of 13 cars.]  It was a cruise through “Town” and out through the back road via Earnscleugh to the “Clyde Dam.” Jack enlightened us on the construction details of the dam and after a photo shoot it was off through the Springvale back road to the Clock up on the hill that overlooks Alexandra.

It was then back into town where we all parked up at the Memorial Hall for a display.

Lunch was had, and then we all took our cars back to their respective sleeping places for the night and parked up. The girls went on a Wine tasting trip and all the boys boarded 4 boats that took us on a river trip down the Clutha River to see some of the old gold mining sights. The boat I was on eventually ended up at the Roxburgh dam. All in all a very good day out. Back to our abodes to get changed to go out for a meal and a few drinks at the Stadium Tavern.

The next day we awoke to a clear bright day with about an 8 degree frost. After breakfast we all managed to clean the ice off the cars and headed to Clyde for lunch.

The “Post Office Café” had a rather large influx of hungry diners for lunch which was quite a surprise for them but they seemed to handle it OK. After lunch we all headed off to see the “Stationary Crank Up Museum”. Some very old machinery was displayed and some of them were actually running. The technology part of the museum was very interesting as they had all sorts of antiquated electronic equipment on display. This had Les quite mesmerised, and as a result, when he returned outside we had all gone our separate ways home. Some went the way they came and others took an alternative way via the Cromwell and Kawerau Gorge’s to Frankton, and then round the Wakatipu Lake road to Kingston and then on to Invercargill. This part of the trip was most enjoyable because the weather was clear brilliant sunshine all the way.

Thanks to all the Club Members who took part and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Any ideas for next years outing about this time of year would be most appreciated. Maybe up to Wanaka, Omarama or Otematata?

Round the Mountain : June 27th

Round the Mountain  - Riverton , Tuatapere , Otautau for Lunch. 

Mac Rest stop, the sign post,( the Freshest air ), off to lunch at Otautau.

Run to Balclutha : May 16th

 Run to Balclutha, and over on the Tuapeka Punt.


 Group waiting, quick crossing, waiting for others, up from the river, Lunch stop, Cougar time

Great NZ Mustang Run :  6+7 April 04

 Wal's reports are here

 Cromwell on the 24 January 04.

69 Jade Black Mach 1, just the day for it, looking good, Flying the Flag

Time for lie down,     I like Red,     shel crop Shelby,      aah, Hot car