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Manawatu Club Cars: Listings 1-15

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1 Wal Marshall. 1969 Mach 1, 428 Cobra Jet R code.  Auto. Restored condition. Click here for more Info
                      (Previous car was a 69 Boss 429  Click here to reveal more details on that car. )

2 Charmaine Scott, and Keith Robinson. 1970  Mach 1 Gold 351W, with factory shaker, rear spoiler and FMX Auto. The car was imported into NZ in 1996, and since then has been repainted, and the suspension, brakes and steering have been overhauled. scott.JPG (47770 bytes)
3 James O'Regan. 1995 GT. 5 litre V8 with 4spd O/D auto, traction lock diff, ABS and  4 wheel disc brakes. 17" alloy wheels, arch flares. Engine fitted with headers and tricked timing. Exported to Japan for 1995 Tokyo Motor show, then imported to NZ 1998, and converted to RHD.  3rd prize NZ 2000 National Convention for 94-2000 models ORegan2.JPG (42072 bytes)
4 Con and Jill Faber. 1969 Mach 1, Rebuilt 390 big block, C6 auto. 86,000 miles. Silver Jade. New in California, then in Hawaii, and Nevada. Purchased from 3rd owner in Texas in May 2005.
5 Alan and Judith Mill. 1966 289 V8 Hardtop. C/R top loader, pony interior, rally pack and full GT options. Imported 1967, and owned since 1981. Totally rebuilt end to end. Mill.JPG (31346 bytes)
6 Lance Peacock. 1965 Hardtop. Imported 1975, Lance is the 17th local owner. Several engine mods, plus lowered suspension. Sunroof.

peacock.JPG (45246 bytes)

7 Louise Williams: 1966 Mustang Fastback. 289 'A' code Challenger motor with C4 auto. Professionally restored inside and out. New metallic green paint with pewter Shelby Le Mans stripes. (Also owns car # 20)
8 Louise Williams. 1972 Mach1 351 Cobra Jet. 4 speed manual. Current owner for 21 years! williams.JPG (67767 bytes)
9 Rick and Anne Lewis: 1966 Convertible.  289 4v with c4 auto and factory twin exhausts.  Original standard black interior with full width bench seat.  New power top.  56,000 original miles on an ex California car (still have the orginal black licence plates).  Needs a repaint some time soon but otherwise she's pretty straight! Lewis.jpg (151585 bytes)
10 Mike Carson. 1966 289 4V Notchback. C4 auto, black interior. Imported 1997. Rebuilt motor, transmission, diff, suspension, and repainted. Carson.JPG (25496 bytes)
11 David and Lynnette Hunter. 1967 Hardtop, 289 2B auto. Hunter.JPG (71413 bytes)
12 Ross Cheer: 1965 Notchback, auto., white
13 Phil Ward. 1965 289 4V Fastback. Candy Apple red with black trim. Imported 1987 from Australia where it had been converted to RHD. Extensively restored 1990-91. Also see Phils personal site at www.geocities.com/mustangsite2001 Ward2.JPG (71505 bytes)