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Canterbury Club Events 2010

  Simply Classics Club Challenge
Below a few pics attached from the Simply classics Club Challenge held recently on 17th October at the new Pegasus Township.



 Annual event meeting up with the Southern Mustang Club.
This years event was held in Oamaru. 

 Above are a few shots of stangs parked up in the old part of Oamaru during our annual bash with The Southern lads and ladies.
We had a fabulous weekend. I think at one stage there were 52 cars in attendance.

A shot of the cars driving down the main street of Timaru on our way south.
The local business community asked us to drive through and there were quite a few spectators.


Three of the shots are of the car park at one of the motels we used and the other is a shot taken from higher up in the old part of Oamaru.
 John Quinn